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Full server / workstation builds along with custom UNIX based firewalls and system.
Deployment, installation and configuration in a Windows / Unix / Mac environment including all applications.
Wired or wireless networks design, hardware, configuration, management and network security
CCTV Technology with immense DVR experience.
Telecommunications technician primarily Norstar / Bell along with other phone systems / voicemail manufactures.
I.T. administration and training - Full Domain administration
Network security and penetration testing
Experienced with technical writing.
Custom Firewall Builds
Certified Network Forensic Expert
Cryptocurrency Consultant


Innovative, Friendly ,Versatile, Patient and Resourceful. That's how clients describe us... At Opspeculate we enjoy a unique challenge and search for the best possible solutions.Related Certification
Comp A+
TCP/IP Forensics
Pentesting OSCP
Perimeter Testing OSCE
WiFi Testing OSWP
Electronic Engineering Technologist
PhotoShop Certified
Dreamweaver Certified.
Cryptocurrency Consultant