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We do FULL 4K HD aerial media / cinematography using various aircraft . We can shoot at any time but prefer to set the timing to get just the right lighting . Aerial photos are useful for numerous applications - Architectural, Construction Planning, Site Development and Construction Progression - Aerial Time-lapse Photography scheduled on a monthly basis or photo shoots scheduled at progression intervals. Site location, Site Surveys, geographical and vertical photography maps. Real Estate Marketing - Retail / Shopping Malls, Apartment Complexes, Condominiums, Resorts, Family Homes, Golf Courses and more... Transportation - vehicles, boats, ships, aircraft, and more... Special events & requests just ask as we can cater to most ideas and usually willing to try. Advertising and Editorial Articles - for magazines, newspapers, TV news, and more... Public Works, Government Planning, reports and studies. Industrial, Maritime and other corporate needs. Legal Matters - accident scenes and evidence. Motion Pictures, Stock Photography and more.


Innovative, Friendly ,Versatile, Patient and Resourceful. That's how clients describe us... At Opspeculate we enjoy a unique challenge and search for the best possible solutions. Give us an understanding of how your media will be used, and we'll recommend an approach. Among the types of aerial media we can produce are: Traditional straight down aerials provides overview of the land, roads. Angle shots - useful for design of buildings and distant objects such as cities and water views. Close-ups - shows excellent detail of buildings or small parcels of land Distant and large areas can reveal features as far as 60 to 70 km from the main site. Objects in motion - use for boats, cruise and cargo ships, aircraft, and more... No matter the type of media or application, Opspeculate will deliver crisp, quality media that meet your objectives. Good ideas, great compositions. That's how we like to do it. Also Timelapse of Area data saved for later more detailed observation. Contact us today to discuss your project Located in Sunny Sundridge Ontario (705) 384-0339


Recognized and certified pilot rated for VFR flight of UAS only aircraft weighing up to 55 lbs. Well versed in all aspects of legal flight including the required ground school for meteorology, navigation, complex aviation map reading and all the rules and regulations for aircraft flight. I also hold my Restricted Operators Certificate for legal real time communication with air and ground during missions along with all flight plan and NOTAM filings.Fully insured for more than the required amount by Transport Canada.Have operated for the last 4 years within SFOC and under 2kg exemption.I am at the highest level you can be with a UAS and safety together with years of experience and would like to work much closer with the industry and new innovators out there.


A test pilot ambassador for the French aviation company Parrot for the last two years. I have been testing their first Bebop series and now their newly improved Bebop 2 aircraft.I have 6 high end UAS aircraft set up for different mission types and conditions. An Icon transceiver for traffic communication during missions, field markers, pylons, safety vests, current VFR / Enroute maps from Navcan and the current Canadian Flight Supplement onsite with a professional team trained for perimeter safety, crowd control, spotting and general aid during missions.Highly skilled in all aspects of post-production.Electronics Degree in communications and many corresponding certifications. Available for missions beyond the scope of the novice.